Aerator Gear Box Plug

“Wear and tear” is an expression frequently used to describe the ageing of a mechanical system, though “use and abuse” might be more correct. Wear commonly occurs as a result of the contamination and degradation of the lubricant. The wear rate can be reduced quite dramatically as a result of some basic measures to protect the gearbox from the wear, tear or abuse it generally receives. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Proactive maintenance is a well-documented and widely understood concept that has helped a number of sites achieve considerable benefits from their maintenance programs. This article addresses basic contamination control measures to help the reader achieve life extension, not just on the gear oil, but on the equipment itself.

When a particle is squeezed in the load zone, it can fatigue the hardened material, resulting in spall formation or dent, producing a proud area around the dent’s crater. The plastic deformation that occurs where a surface is dented can dramatically alter the material’s physical properties, making it more susceptible to wear