Plastics Bobbin

In addition to our bobbins, we have an extensive range of mounting clips. Our clips, both for through-hole and surfacemount wound components, provide a clean and easy way of assembling the individual parts to a functional component. The materials and surface treatments used in our clips are carefully selected and ensure an even clamping force over the lifetime of the component.As well as providing industry-standard clipping solutions, we have a range of specific clips, where the function of a multiple part clip has been replaced by a single clip. So, providing you with the best assemblyfriendly and cost-effective solution where possible. The components you use can affect the quality of your products. Every individual part of an assembly may influence the reliability or performance, so choosing the best is not just important, it’s essential – particularly with critical wound components. The cores, bobbin and windings depend on the integrity of each other to operate as an effective functional component

To ensure a perfect winding every time, the Bobbins & Accessories Group manufactures and supplies precision bobbins and support products. The bobbins are designed for perfect windings and zerodefect mounting on and in printed circuit boards. The materials and surface treatments we use withstand the insertion forces and high temperatures of assembly and soldering. We have a full range of multifunctional bobbins and accessories for surface-mount and through-hole wound components.