Plastics Die

Plastic Die Engineering is a skill of producing dies for sample production (from 10 to 1000 shots) from drawings or specifications of plastic products, and moulding plastic products. The program for designing and fabricating dies is created with the CAD/CAM system. With the created program, fabrication is done with a machining centre, and then polishing with hand tools, finish work, and each part assembling are performed. The finished dies are mounted to an injection moulding machine to mould plastic products, then a report shall be written to present the designing concept for producing non-defective products The goal is to simulate die industry situations, where a Tool & Die Technician is approached by a customer to design and build a prototype die for desired plastic product.The Competitor must select and set the tools to be used for the machining centre by themself. The measurement of the tool offset must be performed on the tool setter provided within the time permitted for the work.

All data of the machining tool must be input manually into the CNC machine conveyer (tool offset). The program must be optimized and corrected by Competitors. The fabricated die parts must be polished with a polishing tool as per requirement, and each part must be assembled and completed to keep it ready for testing.