Plastics Injection Moulding with Hot Runner

Prototype parts have been characterized as being either (i) facsimile prototypes,which can serve both marketing and perhaps limited engineering functions, or (ii) processing prototypes, (i.e., those produced using prototype injection molds or tools), which are used to evaluate both the molding process and the molded part properties,before production tooling is fully committed [1, 2]. It is likely that at least one, or perhaps a series of facsimile prototypes (i.e.,form and limited fit/function prototype parts)The latters tep can add significant time and initial cost to the process of product development. when working with new and unfamiliar materials, complex product geometries, structural parts, or tighter tolerance applications, since the function and fit of a molded plastic product are strongly influenced by the tool design and the manufacturing and injection molding conditions.Preproduction tool trial results allow the mold designer to fine tune the production molddesign.It is important to note here that the use of computer aided process simulation software for injection molding has reduced the need for prototype tooling to a significant degree.Filling,cooling, shrinkage and warpage analysis packages are providing answers that were previously available only through actual molding trials

There are literally dozens of methods that can be used to produce prototype plastic parts or assemblies.The method(s) that is best for a given application depends on the quantity of prototype parts required, the size of the parts, the budget and time available, and perhaps most importantly, on how true to life the prototype must be in terms of its engineering functions.